Banyan Bay

Distinctive with their ancient banyan trees, the adjoining parcels of the condominium complex have been meticulously landscaped such that its residents can fully enjoy this verdant rendering and the property’s lush gulf-to-bay setting.


A new architectural jewel has been added to Longboat Key with the 2016 completion of the Aria, the newest eye candy amongst the condominiums in the southern side of the island. This property development, located at 2251 Gulf of Mexico Drive, is architecturally significant, no doubt about it.

Aquarius Club

Make sure to keep track of condos for sale at Aquarius Club as its neighborhood at the southern part of Longboat Key is one of the market hotspots in the island. This property is located at 1701 Gulf of Mexico Drive, right between the developments of The Resort at Longboat Key Club.


Arbomar was developed in 1973 with 31 residential units housed in a nine-story building that was constructed parallel to the property’s 190-foot private beach, thus providing picturesque views of the Gulf of Mexico in all of the residences.

Beach Harbour Club

Beach Harbor Club gathers a slice of the Gulf of Mexico beachfront and a sliver of Sarasota Bay’s shores into one cool package of condos for sale in Longboat Key, this gulf-to-bay property sits mid-key at the 3800‒3810 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive.

Beach Castle

It is the promise of more for less that brings prospective buyers of Longboat Key condos for sale to Beach Castle. Although typically there are not too many market listings in this property, it comes as one of the top-of-mind recommendations of most realtors for reasonably priced condominium.


Condo living with the feel of a single family home in a gulf-to-bay setting creates a very strong appeal for Bayport Beach and Tennis Club amongst condominium buyers in Longboat Key. Count in too as one solid draw the modern design of the Bayport condos.

Bay Isles

No other residential community beats Bay Isles in terms of size and diversity of homes for sale in Longboat Key. This property covers 725 acres, occupying about 50 percent of the whole southern half of the 12-mile long island including most of its widest point.

Bay Harbour

This condominium, developed with just 39 units, may be small compared with other multi-family developments in its immediate neighborhood. Nonetheless, it exudes a charm of its own and flaunts many resort-like facilities that boost the market value of Bay Harbour condos for sale.

Casa Del Mar

Casa Del Mar literally means home by the sea, and there is no other apt description for this condominium which is an definition of island resort living in Longboat Key. It has, in fact, received consistent glowing reviews from the online travel resource TripAdvisor and Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

Cabana Beach Club

Built in the early 1970s, the residences in this condo complex are not only amongst the most affordably priced but are also some of the best-located and finely developed properties in the island. Condos for sale at Cabana Beach Club though are rarely available in the market as it only has 11 units.

Buttonwood Cove

Outstanding gulf to bayside features set Buttonwood Cove apart from most of the condos for sale in Longboat Key. This property straddles the narrowest section of the island at 3500‒3660 Gulf of Mexico Drive where just some 500‒700 feet separate the gulf from the waters of Sarasota Bay.


The Beachplace development sits on a superbly landscaped 31-acre parcel that has a lagoon with fountains as one of its impressive accents. In addition, it has wide open green spaces and a 1,400-foot private beachfront which also serve as a principal magnet for Beachplace condos for sale.

The Beaches

A gated condominium community, The Beaches is located in the south end of Longboat Key, host to some of the most upscale residential developments in the island. This property is one of several high-end condo developments within the Resort at Longboat Key Club.


The Castillian is one of the most established condominium communities in Longboat Key, having been developed in the late 1970s. It was at this period when the concept of cooperative or co-ownership of exterior features in multiple-unit dwellings was gaining ground.

Cedars East and West

Cedars East and West is but one of several gulf-to-bay properties in Longboat Key. This property, nonetheless, distinguishes itself from the rest through full-fledged tennis resort facilities and complementary beach access available to its residents.

Club Longboat

Club Longboat, one of the first beachfront tennis communities in Longboat Key, was developed in 1973 at 5055 Gulf of Mexico Drive. This site in the midsection of the island is highly favored due to its proximity to many points of interest.

Conrad Beach

Conrad Beach is a small but picturesque coastal community comprised of custom-built, single-detached residences in the quiet northwestern edge of Longboat Key. All told, it consists of just 27 homes, plus a few buildable lots.

Country Club Shores

Hands down, Country Club Shores can stand out as a leading candidate amongst diverse buying opportunities in the waterfront communities on Longboat Key. This property is quite distinctive, having been developed with about 20 dredged canals reaching out perpendicular to Sarasota Bay.

Islander Club

Consider the Islander Club as a winning pick in all measures of upscale condos for sale in Longboat Key. This condo, for one, shares its location on the prime southern end of the island with high-end real estate that spurred the growth of the town as a popular island resort destination.

Inn on the Beach

Treating it as an alter ego of The Resort at Longboat Key Club may just be one good approach to describe the Inn on the Beach. This condominium, after all, was developed with an Ownership Rental Program that provides hotel accommodations to guests of the AAA Four-Diamond Resort.


An ultra-modern and sophisticated lifestyle awaits residents at Infinity, a new luxury condominium on a 2.5-acre parcel at 4765 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Its five-story residential building occupies one of the prime sites of Longboat Key condos for sale.

Harbour Villa Club

It is at Harbour Villa Club where the more knowledgeable amongst local realtors would take prospective buyers searching for competitively priced Longboat Key condos for sale within a boating or yachting community.

Grand Mariner

Better engage the services of a pro realtor in Sarasota to help ensure smooth sailing in finding and closing a deal in the much sought-after condos for sale at Grand Mariner on Longboat Key. Resale of units is quite rare in this yachting community which is made up of just 14 luxury condos.

Grand Bay

Grand Bay is one of the condominium neighborhoods at the gated Bay Isles community of Longboat Key Club-Harbourside. This bayfront condo complex was built from 1994 to 1999 on the tailend of developments in Longboat Key that started as early as the 1960s.

Firehouse Lane

Banish thoughts of a frenetic domain of firefighters in checking out homes for sale at Firehouse Lane. These are in fact within a relaxed and quiet neighborhood, contrary to what its name suggests. Simply put, this community is also known as Conrad Beach.

Fairway Bay

Very few properties on Longboat Key can match the diverse condo choices at Fairway Bay which has been subdivided into three neighborhoods developed between 1982 and 1988. Each of these condominiums—Fairway Bay I, II, and III—has its own homeowners association.

En Provence

Picking a property at En Provence might take a little longer, inasmuch as this luxury condominium in Longboat Key is limited to just 21 units. Nevertheless, it would be worthwhile for prospective buyers of high-end Longboat Key condos for sale to keep this property on their radar screen.

Emerald Harbor

This boating community was developed with a generous layout of broad streets meandering around three lagoon-type canals 100‒125 feet wide. These channels were dredged 8 feet deep at low tide to create “sailboat water” deep enough for keeled boats or yachts.


Prospective investors move pretty quick on rarely available condos for sale at the Diplomat Beach Resort on Longboat Key for very sound reasons. Firstly, it is located at 3155 Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD), occupying an extensive parcel in one of the most favored sites in the island conveniently.

Covert II

Don’t lose heart if you find the condos of Covert II off market most of the time. The double-digit gains of home prices in 2015 have recently been encouraging new listings which rose by 12.8 percent in Manatee in November and by 9.7 percent in Sarasota during the same month.

Covert I

The essence of a laid-back island lifestyle puts Covert I at the forefront of condos for sales on Longboat Key. The DNA of an easy-going community manifests in this condominium’s low residential density of just 12 residential units within a quiet two-acre bayfront enclave.

Longboat Harbour Towers

Dig deep with a veteran local realtor on the history of the development of condo properties in Sarasota, and it would be a cinch that Longboat Harbour Towers at 4401 Gulf of Mexico Drive will be amongst the properties that will eventually crop up in the conversation.

Longboat Harbour

True, Longboat Key can make headlines in multi-million dollar luxury home sales. But still, there are affordable purchase opportunities in the island’s eclectic communities, amongst which are those townhouse condos of Longboat Harbour.

Longboat Key Club Resort

Located at the southern end of Longboat Key, this high-end vacation retreat started its development around the mid-1970s, building upon its centerpiece golf links which opened for play in 1959. A short distance north at the Bay Isles of Longboat Key Club, is a separate 27-hole golf course.

Longboat Beach House

Longboat Beach House condos for sale were built in 1977 housed in a six-story building comprised of just 20 units. Located just west of the St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, this condo community was developed during a decade when other illustrious property developments were rising.

Longboat Arms

Relative affordability in a sought-after waterfront location is definitely a selling point for condos for sale in Longboat Arms. This community is cradled by Cranes Bayou, a serene water course which is a few paddle strokes away from the charming Buttonwood Harbor.

Longbeach Village

Strictly speaking, there are no condos within the old Longbeach Village itself, as it is entirely the domain of single family homes. However, the North Shore Road just west of this village in the island offers townhouse-type condos for sale in several charming waterfront property developments.

Longbeach Condominium

Longbeach Condominium is a spacious property consisting all of 17 acres in the northwestern edge of Longboat Key. Its acreage is one of the largest for a single condominium complex in the island. It is also amongst the most sought after, sitting in a quiet and secluded location in the key.

La Firenza

Luxurious elegance and exclusivity are the hallmarks that La Firenza flaunts amongst condos for sale in Longboat Key, with its market identity suggesting the Renaissance city of Florence that Italians refer to in their native tongue as Firenze.


Dazzling with its laps of luxury, L’Ambiance easily counts as amongst the top choices of premier condo communities in Longboat Key. There is opulence at every turn in this property which was developed in the early 1990s along with a growing stock of condos for sale in Longboat Key.

Islands West

Location-wise, very few condominium properties in Longboat Key can beat Islands West at 2525 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Its Islands Court entrance/exit flows eastward to Bay Isles Parkway, gateway to some of the major points of interest boosting the marketability of Longboat Key condos for sale.

Mark I

In order to have a shot at condos for sale at Mark I, prospective buyers would have to be regularly posted on updates from property agents well-networked in the island-town of Longboat Key. Such early alerts are vital because there are only eight units in this property.

Marina Bay

A three-building condominium development, Marina Bay is one of the upscale neighborhoods in the gated community of Bay Isles of Longboat Key Club. An available unit in this luxury condo property is one gem of a find among Longboat Key condos for sale.

Longboat Terrace

A realtor’s alert on an available property at the Longboat Terrace could surely be one source of excitement for those seriously searching for condos for sale in Longboat Key. Comprised of just 36 units, this condominium rarely has any sales-listing.

Longboat Landing

Size matters in defining what boutique living is. A condominium, as a rule of thumb, can be described as boutique if it is a low rise with not more than 50 units. Though relative small, boutique condos are distinctively stylish in design and usually located in fashionable areas or districts.

Longboat Key Towers

Developed as a pair of high-rise buildings, this condominium is one of several condo towers inside the expansive acreage of The Resort at Longboat Key Club which boasts of a 45-hole championship golf course and posh private club facilities.


An exciting choice between a beachfront and bayfront condo lifestyle comes as the unique selling proposition of Portobello on Longboat Key. This property whose name denotes a lovely seaport was developed in 1975, it consists of two buildings opposite each other.

Players Club

The Players Club is a luxury condominium deftly woven into the delightful lifestyle that gave Longboat Key a top 10 ranking in Conde Nast Traveler’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards for the best islands in the U.S., a rating that the town also bagged in 2010.


This masterfully designed condominium of just 66 units immediately impressed the market in its grand opening in 1990 within the gated five-star Islandside resort of the Longboat Key Club at the southern end of the island.

Pelican Harbour

Comprised of three sections each with their own distinct residential styles, the Pelican Harbour & Beach Club surely is one hard act to follow among condo developments in the town of Longboat Key. This property first became a competitive choice among Longboat Key condos for sale in 1973.

Mark II

Pick Mark II for inclusion in a watch list of Longboat Key condos for sale stocked with great values either as a rental property or a seasonal vacation home, or both. Located at 4215 Gulf of Mexico Drive, this condominium is loaded with all the residential features that make it worthwhile to hold a unit.


Luxurious beachfront living combined with the delights of a golf community is a rare blend that the Sanctuary offers in condominium living at the town of Longboat Key. Located within the gated development of Longboat Key Club, this property is nestled between golf links and the town’s white beach.

Regent Place

Regent Place occupies one of the most coveted sites within the resort complex. This condominium’s gated grounds not only lie adjacent to the club’s verdant golf course but also sit next to an immaculate beach that serves as a market magnet for condos for sale in Longboat Key.


Promenade condos, however, emerged among the most sought-after in listings of Longboat Key condos for sale not only due to their charming and verdant home grounds. These units are also highly prized because of the condominium’s elegant architectural style and superb residential features.


The Privateer is a striking condo development matching the charms of several other high-rise condominiums in its neighborhood tucked within the Islandside resort of Longboat Key Club. Sitting directly on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, this property offers beachfront living.


There is no mistaking the stylish flair of the Positano on the Gulf which was developed as a boutique condominium. The property is at once impressive with the flawless design of its lush tropical landscaping that buffers its frontage and embraces the rest of the complex.

Sea Twig

The site of this condominium is right where prospective buyers pay top dollars either to live or vacation amid miles of pristine gulf beaches. Like much of the town of Longboat Key, its neighborhood is comparatively less commercialized than those in the mainland.

Sea Gate Club

Sea Gate was constructed nestled within the superbly landscaped gated complex of Longboat Key Club. It was developed with 90 condo units housed in a 15-story building directly adjacent to the beach and overlooking the Harbourside golf links of Longboat Key Club resort towards east.

Sea Club I

Hugging the Manatee side of this landmark, Sea Club I is also very much part of the early development of Longboat Key which its residents voted to be a township in 1955. The first residences in this property, old Florida style cottages, were built a year prior to that historic referendum.

Sands Point

A full palette of a luxurious island lifestyle in Sands Point brings this property to the forefront of condos for sale at Longboat Key. Located beachfront at the southern tip of the island, this condominium was developed not only with an outstanding array of amenities of its own.

Sand Cay

It is no small feat for Sand Cay condos for sale to achieve such a consistent accolade. Though their home ground having been established in 1974 is one of the island’s older resorts, it has held its ground in the property market even with the entry of newer rental and residential condos.

Windward Bay

Windward Bay is a cozy residential complex at 4500-4980 Gulf of Mexico Drive backing up to Sarasota Bay. This property can easily endear itself to prospective buyers of Longboat Key condos for sale particularly when the Ponciana trees in its locality are in full bloom with orange flowers.

Whitney Beach

Whitney Beach is a community comprised of condominium townhomes located on the northern end of the 12-mile stretch of Longboat Key. Developed around 1969 up to the early 1970s, the condos in this property were built in three clusters of two-story townhouses and one-story villas.


Forever views of the Gulf of Mexico form but one of the attractions that have installed Westchester among the market front-runners for prime condos for sale in Longboat Key. Adding to its appeal, this community is located nearly midway of the 12-mile stretch of the island.

Water Club

A prime 16-acre beach location combines with superior residential amenities and home features to install Water Club as a leading choice in the high-end condo market of Longboat Key. This property is located at 1241/1281 Gulf of Mexico Drive at the southern stretch of the island.


Stylish elegance and the luxury of space meld with exceptional amenities and expansive views to set the Vizcaya apart from the typical Longboat Key condos for sale. This condominium is a complex mainly consisting of three mid-rise buildings which came off the wraps in 1997‒1998.

Villas of Avignon

Villas of Avignon at 5611 Gulf of Mexico Drive offers more than just the bragging rights of having such a prestigious address among Longboat Key condos for sale. Exclusivity is an innate character too of this community which was developed during the mid-1980s.

Villa di Lancia

Villa di Lancia is a well-designed condominium consisting of just 37 units, and thus, long ownership of condos here is but to be expected. These units came onto the market in 1996, housed in a pair of five-story buildings quite impressive in their Mediterranean-style architecture and layouts.

Turtle Crawl Inn

To cite the winsome features of this condominium, it would be amiss not to cite its name, an obvious take from the protected turtles nesting yearly in the town’s 12-mile long beach. But certainly, this condo complex has so much more to offer besides responsibly sharing its neighborhood.

Tiffany Plaza

Location is one great asset working for Tiffany Plaza situated at 4325 Gulf of Mexico Drive, a site just about midway of the 12-mile stretch of Longboat Key. This superb location along the scenic highway traversing the island is complemented by Longboat Key Beach, a sweep of coastline.

The Shore

A direct beach location where nesting turtles return year after year, attesting to a robust coastal environment, makes The Shore an ideal choice among condos for sale in Longboat Key. Suitable as a seasonal vacation home or a rental property, a unit offers more besides the island’s beachfront.

The Grande

Longboat Key over the years has successfully nurtured an aura of luxury and leisure largely due to posh condo developments like The Grande. Located beachfront at 4561 Gulf of Mexico Drive, this property sits among the original neighborhoods that were established at the 12-mile long island.

The Beach Walk

Situated at the north end of Longboat Key, The Beach Walk is a condominium complex which shares in the laid-back, easygoing atmosphere of the neighborhood to its east—the historic Longbeach Village.

The Beachcomber

Located at Gulf of Mexico Drive just northwest of the expansive golf links of The Resort at Longboat Key, this condominium had its first building, a six-story edifice, constructed in 1970. Adjacent north of this mid-rise, another structure with just two floors and four units was built in 1973.

The Beach

A strong presence in the travel industry built over many years indeed serves as a cornerstone for residential units at The Beach to draw attention. Hence, a sales listing in this property is not only ideal as private vacation home or a permanent residence but also a potential income-generating rental unit.

Tangerine Bay Club

Longboat Key has its best foot forward with the Tangerine Bay Club standing at the island’s southern gateway. Developed sometime during the early 1990s, this property is the domain for 90 condo units elegantly presented in 10 townhouses flaunting a Mediterranean architecture.

Sutton Place

Originally known as Longboat Harbour South when it was developed in the early 1970s, Sutton Place is a small community consisting of a mix of midrise condos, villas and townhouses totaling 80 units. It rose within an 8.4-acre land parcel at 4300 Gulf of Mexico Drive.

Sunset Beach

The magical colors that dusk perennially brings are by no means the only selling point for Sunset Beach condos for sale on Longboat Key. Some wizardry is certain too at how this small community was developed on Gulf of Mexico Drive at the southern end of the island.

Sunrise Shores

Locking in on an opportunity to own a unit at Sunrise Shores on Longboat Key may entail a bit of waiting as this condominium has only eight residences. It also teems with features encouraging permanent residency and thus the low resale.

Spanish Main

Spanish Main is located in a former swampland on the northern part of Longboat Key. It was developed in 1966 and consisted of 212 units of stand-alone or paired villas, an uncommon style among Longboat Key condos for sale.


An available unit at Seascape sure can be rare and hard to find among Longboat Key condos for sale, given that this property was developed with just eight units. Nonetheless, prospective buyers would be wise leaving word with their realtors to tip them off should a new listing come up.


Realtors given a short notice by clients for a tour of Longboat Key condos for sale will likely suggest a look at Seaplace where a visit could lead to some solid prospects. A condo hunt here can be fruitful indeed as this community offers wide-ranging choices in condominium living.


Located at 3453 Gulf of Mexico Drive, SeaHorse can practically sell itself to vacationers and prospective buyers of Longboat Key for sale. This condominium, which consists of 35 units housed in a two-story building, was developed directly parallel with the beach.