Things To Do On Siesta Key

There are plenty of things to do in Siesta Key. The island’s main attractions are its pure quartz beaches, which boast of soft sand cool to the touch, even in the summer heat.

Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key’s main beach is the Siesta Key Public Beach, which extends half a mile over the pristine white sands. Lifeguards watch the area the entire year round, and the beach is the site of several sports activities, including volleyball, softball and tennis. Various food vendors dot the pavilion, hawking a large selection of drinks and snacks. Picnicking is also a popular activity here, with pavilions available throughout the area. Truth be told, the beach alone holds many possibilities for a fun afternoon. Visitors build sandcastles, sunbathe, ride bikes, collect shells… Do you prefer aquatic activities? Many Watersport activites such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, kite surfing, sailboarding, and even para-sailing are all available to fill your leisure days.

Crescent Beach, while a little less crowded than Siesta Key Public Beach, has the same fine white sand. The beach extends for over a half a mile towards Point of Rocks, which is a great drop off point for scuba divers eager to explore the underwater world beneath the key. Aside from being one of the best diving spots in the Sarasota, Florida area, Point of Rocks plays a role in sea lore: legend has it that it was a treasure site for the pirates that used to sail up Florida’s coast. You just might end up finding a chest of ancient buried treasure!

Turtle Beach is another beach located on the southern end of Siesta Key. Here it is quieter and visitors will find a variety of shells and coarser sand. It gets its name from the many Turtles that build nests here, as this sand retains more heat than the sand on Siesta Key Beach, it is the perfect place for turtle eggs to incubate. For those who prefer to be away from the crowds and prefer tranquility and the ocean view to themselves, this is the beach of choice. Picnic tables and pavilions with grills, as well as spacious parking areas and playground equipment for the kids are available here as well.

A diverse community of birds inhabit Siesta Key, for those interested in bird watching—aside from the seagulls, there are a lot of wading birds roaming around. They are used to the crowds, and forage for food undisturbed. Keep an eye out for the little sandpipers combing the beach for a snack, or the Great Egret, a wading bird that grows up to 3 feet in height. Wild parrots live in the tropical trees that can be seen on the beachfront. Since they usually nest together in groups of twenty or more, these little fellas are easy to spot and can be quite noisy.

Several cultural events take place at Siesta Key’s beaches; aside from the typical volleyball, bikini contests, and other sports tournaments, musical performers frequent Siesta Key Public Beach. Watch out for the Siesta Key Sunday Drum Circle: a group of percussionists who go out into the warm evening and revel in the rhythm and music that they create. The drummers are eventually joined by other performers, such as dancers and jugglers, as the crowd of spectators gets larger and larger towards the end of the evening. It’s definitely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Come sundown, most of the activity that Siesta Key has to offer takes place in Siesta Village. Here, you can find a lot of small shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. Everything has a laid-back, tropical feel, where visitors can feel free to enjoy themselves and stroll around. The thatched roofing, open-air gazebos and outdoor seating areas add to the seaside hideaway look of the village.

The Daiquiri Deck is one of the most popular spots at night for people of any age. Families, students on break, as well as old folks can spend time here and have lunch or dinner. The Daiquiri Deck boasts a wide selection of daiquiri recipes, which add to the tropical flavor of the place. It’s also the site of several events during the day: volleyball tournaments and other contests usually take place here.

Another place to hit at night is The Beach Club, a fun and crazy beach bar. With regular live bands, this is the place to go if you’re out looking for a fun-filled way to spend your evening. Cocktails are served here, and those keen on staying up to date with the latest sports news can hang out by the bar where there’s a television tuned in to the sports channel. Last, but definitely not the least, The Beach Club has a wide dance floor for groovin’ the night away to a host of different music styles. This is a place that younger tourists definitely keep coming back to every night.

For those looking for even more nightlife adventure beyond the more relaxed atmosphere of Siesta Key, a short trip into Sarasota offers a more urban selection of bars, clubs and restaurants within the city.