Turbulent Times Seek Safe Investments


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People looking for safe and profitable investments are turning to real estate more and more to avoid the scams and scandals of Wall Street. Real estate is one of the few investments that when left on its own and purchased at near cost-to-build prices, will appreciate. Its value might diminish slightly with market fluctuations caused by market interference but ultimately, over the long term it is always worth more than what was paid for it.

With prices in Florida falling 30 to 40 percent in the last couple years, Florida real estate represents an extremely attractive opportunity. We are back to realistic prices again and many homes can be purchased for less than replacement cost. Problem is, when markets are down and at their bottoms people tend to sit on the fence until a rebound and then they kick themselves they didn’t buy sooner. Same holds true near the top, people are reluctant to sell because they think prices will go higher- as many did in the last real estate run up… And we know how that ended up. Being able to purchase a home below replacement cost is a very rare opportunity that only the most savvy of real estate investors understand and take full advantage of and that is why such a large majority of sales in the Sarasota area are being completed by investors.

What do they know and why are they buying so feverishly at the moment?

One reason that real estate in Florida is such a good long term investment is that people continue to move there either permanently or live there on a semi-permanent basis. Many people that live in a colder climate prefer to have a winter home in Florida where they can escape the harsh weather. Profitable real estate investing depends on a large population and wealth, two things that Florida has in great measure.

Florida is unique among all the fifty states, not only for its sun-kissed climate but its attraction to tourists all over the world. Many Europeans own homes in Florida. There are more than 40,000 estimated owners of Real estate that are from the UK alone. All these visitors and warm-weather seekers means that Florida’s infrastructure is generally kept in good repair and construction of shopping malls, hotels and other accommodations rarely stops. The economy of Florida keeps chugging along steadily, unlike other states that don’t have the financial advantages of tourism. There will always be people who want to visit the beaches and cultural attractions of the state, insuring that the economy fares better than the average state even in hard times.

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Owning real estate in Florida, as an investment or for your personal residence, gives you a sound financial base no matter if you have great wealth or are an average hard-working citizen. One of the reasons for this is the equity you build when you buy a property. Equity is the difference between the balance of your mortgage and the value of your property. In Florida, equity has always built fairly quickly during normal periods of growth. There aren’t many investments that can claim the security of bricks and mortar.

There are endless possibilities if you choose to buy real estate in Florida. You can buy a condominium in our areas largest city, Sarasota, and live in comfort without yard maintenance or fighting the traffic getting to work every day. You may want to move to a more Key West style area such as Anna Maria Island and enjoy the beauty of tall pines and fresh sea breezes. Perhaps you enjoy small town living; Areas like Venice, North Port and Port Charlotte are warm and charming and contain all the big city conveniences and shopping.

You have a lot of different types of real estate you to choose from in the Sarasota area as well. Condos, townhouses, single family homes and multiple family homes are all available in every price range imaginable. The architecture is as varied as the people and includes ranch style homes, colonial, plantation style, Southwestern adobe types, and charming French, Spanish, and Italian styles.

Florida lifestyles encompass just about anything you can think of. You may want to buy a property in a master-planned community with amenities or a more traditional neighborhood in the suburbs. You can buy real estate in a retirement community or one of the many upscale urban developments close to the heart of the city you choose. And let’s not forget the beaches, 95% of Florida’s beaches have not seen any oil from the spill and our own Siesta Key beach sand is still as white as snow!

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As a result of the price drop that many believe was over-done, some economists expect real estate in Florida to gain between 50-70% in value in the next five years in the “hotter” areas such as Sarasota and Manatee counties and their barrier islands of Casey Key, Siesta Key, Lido Key, Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island.

Purchasing real estate in these market conditions is a great long term investment but buying real estate in Florida in this market is probably one of the wisest moves one could make. Why not enjoy all your investment has to offer? Not only is Sarasota Florida a beautiful state with good weather year round, it has a lot to offer culturally. While living on the creative coast You will never be far from museums, symphonies, festivals, and other cultural attractions no matter which part of Sarasota or Manatee county you live in. Add in the many lakes, streams and woodlands found inland and you have a virtual paradise for all ages.

Buying real estate in Florida is not only a good move financially but the first step to a lifestyle that most people only dream of.